ASSIGNMENT SPOTLIGHT: Mitchell Duncan Architectural Photography

Company Name: Mitchell Duncan & Associates Ltd
Architectural Photography

City & State: Bristol, United Kingdom
Photographer: Mitch Duncan
Assignment: Property assets in Dubai



Majid Al Futtaim, a premier property company in the UAE invited me to photograph a number of their assets in Dubai.  Amongst these, a beautifully simple, fully glazed, curved office block occupying a corner site surrounded by other buildings.

Having waited for the Sun to be directly on the centre of the curve, the glazing was acting as a mirror producing strong unwanted reflections of the surrounding buildings.  By carefully matching each individual glazed unit to it’s neighbour, the reflections were gradually removed.

architectural photographers Dubai, UAECorrectly aligning the verticals was achieved by transforming against two standard upright reference lines, pulling outward at the top till the walls lined up with the references.  Then using free transform, compressing both sides back to starting positions.  When putting down the upright reference lines, a horizontal reference point was placed at the top of the building.  With the verticals now correct, the new position of the top of the building was free transformed to the original horizontal reference line.

Finally, cropping applied and image lightened without burning out the whites.  Notice the family group walking ‘into’ the scene adding a ‘human dimension’ along with the cars giving a sense of realism.

Based in the United Kingdom, Mitch Duncan travels internationally on behalf of Architects and Property Developers to photograph finished people-orientated projects.  Many of his photographs include a ‘human dimension’ to create atmosphere and soften an otherwise clinical scene, without distracting from the pure architecture.

Projects to photograph throughout Europe and UAE?

Mitch Duncan Incorporated Photographer
Mitchell Duncan & Associates Ltd
Bristol, BS20 8JD
United Kingdom

Architectural Photographers Dubai, UAE, IAAP


Ian Grant Architectural Photographer
Project: HNZ (formerly Canadian Helicopter)

Photographer: Ian Grant


Ian Grant Photography is a Corporate Solutions Provider specializing in capturing architectural photography in Western Canada and the United States. Based in Alberta and with an office in California Ian has traveled regularly for over thirty years capturing clients architectural projects.

Wolski Cdn Helicopter_Board Rm_5243Wolski Design Group is an all ladies architectural and interior design team based in Edmonton, Alberta catering to the corporate market. They called to have their newly designed space for HNZ (formerly Canadian Helicopter) captured at the new EIA control tower. The space is gorgeous with lots of windows and a 270 degree view looking west of the tarmack and surrounding area. They specifically wanted the space photographed in broad daylight concentrating on capturing HNZ’s new lounge, reception area, boardroom and two views in the General Managers office.

Upon scouting the space I knew that HNZ’s space was going to be a challenge to photograph. The majority of the shots were on the south side of the tower with full sunlight coming in the windows creating a scene with a high dynamic range compounded with fluorescent lights on the ceiling. Wolski wanted to retain the detail in the windows to the outside and have the space within appear normally illuminated.

In order to meet Wolski’s call for shots captured in full daylight Ian used in camera registration techniques at shoot stage and a combination of multiple exposures with flash and layer masking in Photoshop to create the final images. The result is a shot that is nicely balanced with the ambient light conditions, has shape and form on the elements throughout the scene and retains highlight and shadow detail.

Ian Grant, B Sc Mec Eng, MPA, SPA

Canadian Office:
12715 Hudson Way
Edmonton, Alberta
T6V 1K6

US Office:
1985 Marguerite Street
Palm Springs, California
USA 92264

Represented by archnetStudio:
00 +1 831-234-4012

  • 2014 PPOC Commercial Photographer of the Year Finalist
  • 2014 PPOC Alberta – Illustration Class Award
  • 2014 PPOC Alberta – Industrial Class Award
  • 2013 Out of Province Commercial Photographer of the Year – PPOC Atlantic
  • 2013 Winner Architectural Class Award – PPOC Alberta
  • 2012 Winner Illustration Class Award – PPOC Alberta
  • 2012 Finalist Architectural Class Award– PPOC Alberta
  • 2011 Commercial Photographer of the Year Finalist – PPOC Alberta
  • 2011 Winner Editorial Class Award – PPOC Alberta

ASSIGNMENT SPOTLIGHT: Larry Hanna Photography

Larry Hanna Photography
Project: Fulton Street at Harrah’s Las Vegas
Date: September 18, 2014

City & State: Las Vegas, NV
Photographer: Larry Hanna


I was contracted to photograph a new food venue in Harrah’s Las Vegas.  The new food venue is called Fulton Street Food Hall.  It is a new concept for a Las Vegas Casino where there are multiple types of food that could be purchased at different stations.  Not a buffet architectural photographers las vegas nevadabut more like a food court.  This a venue that is open 24/7, in places.

They are able to section off different areas for different parts of the day.  The plan was to go in before they opened in order to get photographs without anyone present.

When we arrived at 4 am, we found that there was still construction being finished and staff training going on.  We had to discard our original plan and capture different sections when available.  Our hope for an overall shot was not possible on this date and had to come back the next week to capture the overall shot. It is very difficult when you have so much going on and everyone is trying to get their job done for the opening.  We would get set up and then ask people to clear the area for a few minutes while we got our shots. Fortunately, the staff was very accommodating and we were able to get all the shots we needed.

Cooperation is key.

Larry Hanna Photography
Phone: 702.353.1888

ASSIGNMENT SPOTLIGHT: Steve Bracci Photography

ASSIGNMENT SPOTLIGHT: Steve Bracci Photography

City & State: Evans, GA
Photographer: Steve Bracci
Assignment: Crisp County Primary School
Date: March 28, 2014


Steve Bracci Photography

Crisp County Primary School

As an architectural photographer out of East Georgia I was hired by JCI Construction Co., to photograph an elementary school in a small farm town in the southern part of Georgia. I didn’t think there would be much to the project as the town was small and not located near any major cities. It was a three hour drive and the weather was not cooperating as it started to rain about halfway through the trip. The rain never let up that day so we ended up doing only interiors. I met the project manager outside and he stated that it was a “very nice school” and when I stepped inside I realized he was not exaggerating. There were over 200 columns in the school which featured an amazing lobby area with a large domed ceiling and a column-lined main hallway that rivaled major universities. The cafeteria and library were equally amazing with bold colors and drop-down ceilings. The architectural firm of James W. Buckley and Assoc., did an incredible job in the design of the school and ended up purchasing the images as well and were also submitting them for an architectural awards competition. There was obviously no expense spared in the creation of this school and far exceeded what I had expected to photograph.

Steve Bracci Architectural Photography
Evans, GA

ASSIGNMENT SPOTLIGHT: Kenneth Hamlett Photography

Assignment Spotlight:  Kenneth Hamlett Photography

City & State: Atlanta, GA
Photographer: Kenneth Hamlett
Assignment: Eckert & Ziegler Atlanta Office Exterior Redesign
Date: 09/14/2014


As an architectural photographer in Atlanta, GA I had the pleasure of photographing the newly redesigned Atlanta office of Eckert & Ziegler. Eckert & Ziegler provides sealed and unsealed radiation sources for medical imaging, industrial gauging, measurement and analysis, reference, calibration and environmental monitoring sources and solutions as well as bulk radioisotopes for pharmaceutical, therapeutic and industrial product manufacturers.

Kenneth Hamlett Photography

Eckert & Ziegler Atlanta Office Exterior Redesign

The office’s new look was designed by Atlanta architectural firm HLG Design (Hughes, Litton and Godwin). The new design features vertical metal and wood partitions that divide the exterior of the building into three distinct sections – the main entrance, the warehouse/dock area and the office area. The new design also features a handicap accessible ramp that features the same wood and metal design. Additionally, the exterior was painted white which is a stark contrast to the traditional brick red exterior used to build older warehouses and factories many years ago.

I really love what HLG Design did to this old building. Its new look is modern and sophisticated and totally stands out from the other industrial structures in the area. Combine the awesome design with some beautiful day and dusk light and you can’t help but create a beautiful image!

Eckert & Ziegler will use these images in their corporate brochures and to showcase the Atlanta office’s new look to its other offices worldwide.

Kenneth Hamlett Photography
Kenneth Hamlett

Profile: Gil Stose, Architectural Photographer Highlands, North Carolina

Gil Stose Photography
has been servicing the global creative media industry for two decades. His images have graced the pages of nearly every shelter magazine in the United States and numerous international publications and several books. Among his peers his work has been featured in many photography magazines including PDN, Digital Photo Pro, Studio Photography & Design and several others.Gil Stose

Among his specialties is the ability to make his viewers feel that they are part of the image itself and not merely a happen chance viewer. This ability to make even the most inanimate objects appear alive and welcoming has made him a top choice among home product manufacturers, architects, designers, resorts, and advertising agencies.

As an artist he pays special attention to each and every image he provides – keeping the client’s goals in mind every step of the way. As a business person he works with every size of budget and has never missed a advertising or editorial deadline in his entire career. His experience and knowledge of the creative medias guarantees that your vision will be interpreted and crafted into images that will sell you and your product. He also offers a variety of creative services and styles which can also be applied to your project.

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120516HARRIS_ 0566-w-dee.jpg
120516HARRIS_ 0680.jpg
120907Warth_ cabinbedjpg.jpg
121015KS_ 0964.jpg

Profile: Kate Sfeir Photography - Architectural Photographer Camden, Maine

The key to creating professional architectural photography is a high attention to detail, composing the right frame on camera, making sure that all angles are straight and most importantly knowing how to balance color temperature and light in a room so we get the most detail in not only interiors but the exteriors as well. Thanks to years of experience in photography, the right training and equipment, I can provide you with professional images of your home, real estate, architectural or design project for both print and web.

I’m always available to discuss your project. Don’t be shy and feel free to call me to receive a quote. You can also fill out a form and I’ll contact you.

My base is Camden, Maine but I’m available to travel to other locations in Maine as well as Massachusetts, New York, Florida, and beyond.
Camden, Rockland, Rockport, Portland, Boston, New York, Miami
Category: Architectural Photography.

Samples of Kate Sfeir’s Architectural Photography Work:

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Profile: Bjorg Magnea - Architectural Photographer New York

Profile: Bjorg Magnea – Architectural Photographer New York

Björg is a photographer originally from Reykjavik, Iceland.  She studied fine art photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  Specializing in architectural and interior photography, Björg has a broad range of clients in architectural, interior design related fields, as well as a number of magazines and book publications.

She collaborates closely with architects to understand their design intentions. With skill and patience, she creates photographs which are concise yet vibrant interpretations of three-dimensional space.

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Full Profile: Bjorg Magnea – Architectural Photographer New York

Profile: Sean Gallagher Architectural Photography, Dallas Texas

Profile: Sean Gallagher Architectural Photography, Dallas Texas

Our Philosophy

We see marketing as an investment that should be optimized, not an expense that should be minimized. We believe that effective visual communication strengthens advertising and we believe that effectiveness of visual communication is directly proportional to return on investment.

Our Approach

We approach each job individually. Effective visual communication is the harmony of engaging ideas, meticulous planning and flawless execution. Our goal is to create images that effectively communicate your message to the viewer rather than bland pictures that simply fill the holes left for them by a designer. Succinctly put, we don’t take pictures, we make images.

Sean Gallagher Architectural Photography has been creating unique, dramatic images of people, architecture and interior spaces for over 15 years. Specializing in the special and making the ordinary look special, Sean Gallagher Photography has the resources to make the impossible possible. Based in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California.

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Profile: Sean Gallagher Architectural Photography, Dallas Texas

Lighting For Real Estate Photography

IAAP Member Scott Hargis has a great serries on Lighting For Real Estate Photography.

The 28-part video series is devoted to lighting techniques using small flashes.  Scott shows you, in detail, the techniques he uses to produce real estate photographs that require little or no post-processing.

Spanning almost three hours in total length, the videos cover every aspect of field work, from the fundamentals of flash photography, to equipment, workflow, and specific lighting techniques for every major room type. With episodes centered on topics such as window exposures, reflection issues, kitchens, bathrooms, etc., Scott takes you through everything you need to know to light your way through nearly any real estate photo.  Click HERE to see the Table of Contents.

The episodes are shot “on location”, in 14 different residences, and are ‘real-life’ shoots done by Scott for real-life clients. Every step of the process is covered, including problem-solving and mistakes.

Learn how to “finish” your photos in the camera, not in Photoshop. For less than the cost of a single real estate shoot, you can have unlimited access to all 28 videos – on your computer, and on your mobile device!

Check them out at