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Lorenzo Vecchia Architectural & Interiors Photography

Lorenzo Vecchia Architectural & Interiors Photography

Originally from Florence, Italy, and based in Barcelona, Lorenzo Vecchia. Lorenzo has been professionally photographing architecture, interiors and still life for over ten years.

In recent years commissioned to work with architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurants, the fashion industry and the luxury real estate market in both Spain and Italy.

Lorenzo first seriously pursued photography at the end of 1999; from the beginning, took it extremely seriously – working on every single aspect of technique. At the same time, improving his background in art and visual communication.

I’ve learned that good photography needs a lot of time: time for thinking, for planning, for staging, for waiting until the sunlight shines in the most complimentary way.

And the passage of time is exactly what I try to communicate through my photography: I introduce it through the use of light and composition, integrating the set of pictures into a whole story so viewers will understand the space/time and make them feel like they are stepping into that space. That’s why I love to use a natural approach when I shoot architecture, spending some time walking through the house, observing how the house changes through the day and recording every single detail that provokes emotions in me, so I can communicate those feelings through my images. I love to switch between wide angles and close ups to show dramatic contrasts, and details need to be carefully staged in order to achieve the best results. Sometimes I like to add a touch of personal presence to make a house look more like a home – for example, an open book or a glass of water. In other occasions, I might add something more complex like evidence that someone was just cooking dinner and walked away for a moment to run some errands – but in any case, the goal is integrating quality and emotions into the living space while always being respectful of the characteristics of the house and their natural functions. And always keeping in mind that the most important tool in a photographer’s toolkit is light: every single living space is changing constantly throughout the day – lights and shadows display differently each moment of the day, conveying different emotions: ultimately, architectural photography is describing spaces with light.

~ Lorenzo Vecchia

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