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Updated IAAP Site

Updated IAAP Site

Happy New Year

The IAAP has updated it’s website to a faster server, and new software for better SEO results.  While the results of the new site might not be immediately noticeable, with time the search engines will render listings with greater accuracy and prominence.

If you have a listing displayed on the site and you are a current member please let us know and we will assign the listing to you for editing.  We are experimenting with a method to allow our members to administer their own image galleries, however for the time being we are asking all members submit new images in 2016 following the image submission guidelines.

Image Guidelines

  • 20 images in jpg format
  • 1000px on the longest side
  • Named correctly:  studio-name (or last name)-file number.jpg (files must follow this format or they will not be accepted into the directory
  • Meta Data:  copyright, item description, location.  Use Architectural Photographer in your meta data whenever possible

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via the contact form in the menu above.

The International Association of Architectural Photographers

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